Using Marble to Enhance Your Interior Design

With its luxury feel and stunning appearance, marble can be the upscale touch necessary to transform your home design from bland to brilliant. Options abound when it comes to marble and the areas it can be used. As a natural stone element, marble is durable and, when cared for properly, will last years. Here are a few ways marble can be used in your home.

Marble Floors or Walls

Marble floors can be used in foyers, bathrooms and dining rooms to evoke an aura of opulence. A small touch of marble flooring in a foyer or bathroom can go a long way when it comes to enhancing the look of a room. To keep floors from being grimy, marble polishing Manhattan NY is available. You can find marble used on the backsplash of a kitchen, which looks particularly gorgeous behind open shelving. For a completely unique twist, you can try a marble chair rail in a dining room.

Marble Furniture

One of the most common ways to add marble into your decor with furniture is a tabletop or counter. If you enjoy baking, a marble countertop can be the perfect addition to the kitchen. With its smooth, easy-to-clean, non-stick surface, you’ll feel like a professional baker in no time. In the living room, a marble coffee table can look amazing and be extremely durable for such a high-traffic area. When choosing a piece of marble furniture, be sure to measure the space you’re hoping to add it to. Marble is heavy and, once placed in its location, can be difficult to rearrange.

Marble Accessories

Before taking the plunge on a large piece of marble in your home, try experimenting with smaller pieces of marble decor. You can find a variety of artisan pieces made of marble. Place some marble coasters on your current coffee table to see if you enjoy the aesthetic. If you love having breakfast in bed, perhaps a marble tray would be a delightful addition. Are you a plant lover? There are vast amounts of handcrafted marble plant pots available. Create a collection of marble decor to see if you truly enjoy the beauty of this natural stone.

With its exceptional ability to enhance the style of a room and withstand wear and tear, marble can be the material you need to achieve a high-end look. Without having to worry about damage, you’ll be free to enjoy the marble highlights around your home.

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