Embracing Modern Style in New Home Designs in Nashville, TN

Modern style furnishings and décor feature natural materials, earthy, or neural colors, and limited details. In modern design, form tends to follow function. Thus, the design of furnishings and decorative objects must reflect its purpose.

New home designs in Nashville, TN include exposed structural elements, emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines that have fewer curves, natural light celebration, and more. These designs also include the use of natural materials like unpainted wood, natural fibers, metal, and leather.

What to Expect from Modern Design Style

The following are the typical characteristics of a modern home design style:

  • Minimal décor and clean lines. Modern home design favors clean, straight lines, and uncluttered spaces. Everything in the home has a reason to be there; otherwise, it must be removed.
  • Neutral shades. The main color palette for modern design is white, beige, and some shades of black. Bold color may be used sparingly to offer a focal point and help break up neutrals.
  • Open-concept floor plans. In modern home designs, furniture differentiates spaces such as a kitchen counter offering a visual distinction from a living room or dining room. Also, it is important to have abundant natural light to help a space feel airier and more open. That is why windows are not adorned.
  • Natural materials for furniture. Modern design embraces the use of furniture made from steel, molded plywood, and leather. It is focused on striking a balance between pure function and aesthetic. It must be both practical and appealing.

Modern vs Contemporary Style

Modern design is the design introduced in the early to the mid-20th century. Modernism harnessed the capability of machinery to provide affordable housing and furniture solutions to the masses. Meanwhile, contemporary design refers to the present-day style. It changes as time evolves and can integrate modern elements. Contemporary furnishings have more distinctive forms and usually can include curved furnishings. While contemporary décor followed the minimalist trend and can include stark contrasting colors with black and white, modern style is based on neutrals. A contemporary piece may be just decorative while a modern one should have a function.

The definition of modern style is widely debated. However, this style reflects a certain area at its root. These days, a lot of people include pieces of modern style in their homes and offices due to their simple, functional nature. Many people strive for simplicity in life and this is the reason they are drawn to modern style.

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