The Best Swimming Pool Types, Styles, and Designs

Life is full of many things that come in different sizes, shapes, types, and designs. The same applies to swimming pools. Your budget, geographical location, and materials will determine your type of swimming pool. Swimming pool installation is a lucrative business.

Before even breaking the plunge, check the best swimming pool you will opt to have. Do you want a small, big or a complete inground pool within your premises? Let’s dig deeper into the swimming pools you can consider.

Above-Ground Pool

It’s a good option for the low-middle and working class. The pool has a lower price tag which has made it to be more appealing for middle-class people. The pool is portable, and when you vacate to a new apartment or home, you move with it. It’s possible to construct the pool on different types of land, inclusive of the rocky area. It’s cheap to add a deck on an above-ground pool than in an inground pool.

Architectural pool

Like its name, the pool has a good structure and definite lines. It resembles a house and uses the same materials to have a cohesive look. The architectural pool has a sophisticated and geometric design by architecture.

Recreational or family swimming pool

These pools are like water parks on a small scale with few people. Family pools should have useful water features, caves, tunnels, elaborate slides, and boulders. They make it appeal to many people. A family pool is good for people who wish to entertain, get excited, make noise, and have activities. It satisfies the needs of both adults and young ones.

Indoor pool

It’s a straightforward under-the-roof pool insulated with at least three walls. The pools are simple and have geometric shapes. They are for training or swimming over the year in all seasons, even in cold climates.

The construction of an indoor pool is cheaper than an outdoor pool. Insulated rooms are less likely to lose heat, unlike in outdoor pools.

Kiddie pools

These are affordable, easy to find, inflatable, and dispensable pools. They have existed for over 60 years, which makes them a reality for anyone. The pool requires you to drain it after use altogether. It would help if you kept it safe from children.

Lap pool

It’s a swimming pool designed for health and fitness purposes. It’s a narrow and long pool almost 50ft in length. Lap pools are rectangular in shape, and you can make them on long and narrow lots.

Natural pools

They are also called swimming ponds. They are self-cleaning pools that combine water gardens and swimming areas. A natural pool has a designed freeform rustic style that has waterfalls and boulders. Most of these pools have rubber linings or reinforcements of polythene. They use friendly bacteria in the water as biological filters.

In summary, a pool is an essential facility in a home. It’s for recreational purposes and health and fitness. If you have left children in your compound, fence the pool area to avoid children drowning.

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