8 Must-have furniture items in your new office

Whether you are setting up a new office, or relocating, or renovating your office the first thing that keeps in your mind is office furniture.

Rightly so, office furniture makes an essential part of every office setup. It is a space where employees can work, collaborate, and innovate comfortably, i.e. if you choose office furniture and decor that is comfortable to use. After all, we spend 21-35% of our life in the office.

Before you start thinking about office furniture design as a business owner or manager think about what kind of office space you want to create? Certainly, you will want a space that creates an environment for you and your co-workers to perform your work while enjoying it. A complete sense of work harmony.

So, without any ado let’s discuss what kind of office furniture essential you should consider for your new office.

  • Office chair

When someone says office furniture two things instantly pop into our mind – office desk and ergonomic chair.

When choosing an office chair for you and your team two things you should focus on, comfort and ergonomics. Comfort is a must when people will be spending 40 hours a week sitting on this chair.

An ergonomic chair makes it easier for your employees to adjust the height, armrest, and backrest settings according to their comfort. When selecting an office ergonomic chair make sure you choose a chair with a proper seat depth and stability for better comfort.

  • Office desk

Another office essential everyone needs their desk at the to work effectively. But by the desk, we don’t mean office table. Think of an office desk as a personal space for every employee where they can work effectively and efficiently.

Now, based on their work or a job role, not every employee requires an office table but they need a space to get their required work done.

Thus, before buying a bulk of the same office computer tables or large communal desks online consider what kind of office desk and ergonomics your employees need to perform their tasks.

  • Meeting spaces

Whether you support a fully open space office design or plan you have a few secluded cabins, meeting rooms in every office is a must. It’s a space where your employees will be discussing projects, hosting training or brainstorming sessions, or client meetings.

These meetings, brainstorming, and training sessions can improve team collaboration when you choose the right office furniture – comfortable seating and communal work desks.

Not only these will help improve productivity but are easier on your pocket than buying the bulk of individual work desks.

  • Living space

Although taking frequent short breaks doesn’t often lead to higher productivity, it keeps employees happy. And happier employees mean more job satisfaction which means employees willingly perform tasks out of their job.

So why not design an office living space that allows your employees to take short breaks and revive their energy? Create a lounge area often near the pantry with comfortable couches, chairs, bookshelves, coffee tables, and maybe even a TV with video games.

This space will allow your employees to relieve their work stress and regain the energy to do more. Your employees might turn this lounge area into a brainstorming space without professional boundaries which might encourage them to come up with creative and innovative solutions.

  • Pantry/ Cafeteria

One of the most favourite spots for your employees to relax their exhausted minds and feel their empty stomachs is the office pantry or cafeteria. Thus, the decor and furniture of this space should encourage calming and cheery vibes.

Now, having an eating space is not a compulsion but not having one will force your employees to leave the office during lunch breaks which often results in employees returning late, or worse they might have lunch at their desks.

This demeans the purpose of break which is to rejuvenate your energy and productivity to perform tasks with a fresh mind throughout the day.

However, when planning cafeteria furniture you should focus more on function as people will be here only for an hour or two a day. So no need to add overly fancy pieces of furniture.

  • Storage spaces

When you don’t think of providing storage space for your employees you will force them to litter their work desks with their backpacks, tiffin, diaries, and other belongings. And a cluttered work desk often decreases productivity.

So, when buying work desks make sure you choose the ones with ample hidden space. As for the common storage racks and shelves, you can buy skip those depending on how many files and paperwork your employees will be handling every day.

If you rely more on paperless processes and cloud storage you won’t need common storage space for office files and documents.

  • Printing, scanning, and copying

Talking about the paperwork, printers, and scanners have become essential parts of almost every office. Now, instead of buying a printer, scanner, and copier, you can invest in an all-in-one machine.

With this machine, your employees can easily print digital documents from their workstations, scan their physical documents, and make copies of their physical documents from one machine.

When purchasing this machine you will also have to purchase a desk with enough space to keep this compact machine as well as the required stationery for printing invoices, documents, flyers, packaging slips, etc.

  • Plants and office decor

Plants, wall frames, and other decor items though not absolutely necessary will create pleasant and home-like vibes. However, while adding plants and other decor make sure they won’t be a distraction or hurdle in the office functional space.

Home-like comfort

A lot goes into creating an office space that is both functional and comfortable and office furniture plays a vital part in it.

Before buying office furniture consider the requirements of your business as well as co-workers to encourage their work productivity and job satisfaction.

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