Make Your Small Room Glow with These Smart Design Ideas

Small rooms can make a big impression, too. You do not have to worry that your bedroom has very little square footage. As long as you know how to use what floor space you have, it will work out just fine. Take a cue from the following decorating ideas that would make your little room shine brighter.

Get a space-saving bed

The bed is the ultimate space-taker. Since you have limited space, you must think out of the box and find a bed that is beyond the standard platform style. Beds are for sleeping. Repurpose yours to serve as something else in the bedroom the rest of the day. In that sense, shopping for sofa beds that convert into full-size beds and loft beds that allow significant elbow room below proves to be smart.

Customise built-ins

Built-in cabinets prove valuable for space-challenged bedrooms. Adding bespoke bedroom furniture into your stretch of blank walls and awkward inches will breathe in a new life. You can have your wardrobe customised to suit your need and the amount of space you can allot for it.

Light it up strategically

Your lighting fixtures can make or break your bedroom design. Small bedrooms need to forego the idea of table lamps and floor lamps. Sconces, which do not take up floor space, are great alternatives. You can either have a few installed on the walls, including one that is right above your bed. Choose sconces that are adjustable so you can direct them to spaces where they are most needed, whether while you are reading or having a night party with friends.

Pick double duty furniture

If you add furniture and trinkets to your bedroom space, choose double duty items. Convertible sofa beds and nightstands with drawers are essential pieces you must invest in.

Keep it simple

Small spaces look smaller if there are so many elements flying around. The trick is to keep everything simple, from the bedroom paint colour to the furniture and accent décor. It is ideal to go light on the walls, but it would not hurt if you want to go dark. Painting a room in charcoal grey or olive green will make it look chic and add a specific vibe to it. If you are using drapery to style up the room, choose one that matches the wall paint so the eyes will not get distracted by contrast. It is also wise to hang it from ceiling to floor to create the illusion of space.

Keep the clutter out

All the square footage that you have will not matter if it is crowded with useless stuff. The way to make the room look and feel bigger is by cleaning up regularly. Accessorising is not bad, as long as it is not making your bedroom look like a market stall.

Good design in a small bedroom space is possible if you know how to make smart design choices that work. Your furniture, lighting fixture, and accents must work in unison to keep your room from looking cramped.

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