Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger Using Tried and Tested Techniques

If you are looking to renovate your bathroom, but, you’re thinking, what on earth do I do? The space is reasonably small and, I want to make it feel less cluttered, not add more ‘stuff’, then fear not, you are not alone. The majority of bathrooms are reasonably compact in any case, usually designed for practicality more than anything else, however, if you want to, you could try some of the following methods and techniques to make your bathroom feel more ‘airy’ and less compact;

Light and bright colours

Quite often, a lick of paint can transform a space entirely, but the colours are what count, you will want to choose something like a soft green or blue which will reflect any natural light that comes in. Apart from that, choosing something along those lines will also create a ‘calmer’ feel to the room. Light coloured wooden floors can also help to create a ‘lighter’ feel to your space and make the place feel warmer.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

The chances are, that you will already have some kind of mirror somewhere in your bathroom, however, had you considered the idea of a mirrored feature wall? Because they reflect everything, they can create an illusion of having double the space and, if you have natural light coming in, it will make your bathroom feel really fresh. You’ll also be able to see yourself from head to toe, which may make your clothing choices easier to match.


Apart from paint, new benchtops can completely transform small bathroom renovations into something altogether different and, you don’t have to spend an absolute fortune. There are manufactured products available such as quartz that hold similar characteristics to that of marble but, you have more customizable choices. The great thing is that, because they are manufactured, you can pretty much have your say as to the colours and even the finish of your benchtops.

Shower doors

If you have a shower in your bathroom, then you might want to consider getting glass doors installed, much like a partition, they help to open up a space and help to create an entirely different look. You could be really daring and opt to remove your shower doors entirely, to really open things up. You will need to consider the downside of not having a preventative measure of stopping water going everywhere, but, with the right shower head and some alterations to the base you should be fine.

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