Four Smart Fridge Features that Make Them worth your Money

Modern refrigerators are designed not only as a place for keeping your food fresh but also to be smart gadgets. The humble fridge has come a long way in the past decades. These days, you can find seemingly endless ranges of smart refrigerators in your local appliance stores trying to compete for your attention and business. They can come with a built-in touchscreen and other technology features. But, are these advances worth your investment? Keep reading to explore some of these upgrades:

Smart Technologies

A smart refrigerator can make your life so much easier. With built-in cameras, you can see the contents of your fridge while out and about. Also, a huge screen can display recipes, music, videos, a family calendar, and weather information. And if you have to shop for grocery items, you can just order them online right on your fridge. LG’s refrigerateur lrfns2200s will flash a Door Open light projection on the floor that let you open the fridge door hands-free. Also, some smart ridges have a LED touch panel that provides you with temperature controls and information on how the appliance is operating.

Smarter Designs

LG smart refrigerators come with the InstaView system that lets you see what is inside. You only need to knock on the front glass panel to activate this. This is a great way to reduce cold air loss and keep food fresh. Also, the brand provides the first Dual Door-in-Door fridge in the world that allows you to keep frequently used food and drinks on the outer doors, reducing cold-air loss and clutter. Some fridge models feature stainless steel interiors for cosmetic purposes and keeping food as cold as possible.

Temperature Controls

Smart fridges have isolated compartments with the ability to keep to different temperatures. Some allow you to gain access to a smart system that learns your usage habits and adjusts cooling accordingly. Some refs from LG release cold air automatically from the front and rear ducts to make sure every compartment is cooled appropriately.

Environment-Friendly Features

Modern refrigerators have smart sensors that constantly monitor the internal temperature, managing the cooling for maximum efficiency. Some new smart fridges will also analyse the way you use the appliance and adjust energy output accordingly. If you are looking to purchase a new fridge, make sure to get one with a high Energy Star rating. While you may have to pay a huge amount on a smart fridge upfront, you will be able to save money in the long run with an efficient fridge.

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