Can Epoxy Be Installed on Hardwood and Concrete Floors?

Epoxy flooring is growing in popularity. The strong chemical compounds make floors safe, durable, and appealing. Unlike other flooring materials, epoxy is resistant to water and stains. Flooring is expensive. Installation of hardwood, tile, or carpet is also costly. Instead of worrying about scratches, dings, and stains, epoxy can be applied to nearly any surface.

Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors in your home, you may want to keep the look without the maintenance. Hardwood floors crack, scratch, and gaps will begin to form over time. Hardwood floors are costly to install and maintain. When you purchase a home, or if you have recently renovated your hardwood floors, epoxy is the perfect finish.

Before epoxy can be applied to hardwood floors, contractors will need to fill in any gaps in the floors and possibly sand them down. Epoxy has a hard time sticking to hardwood. Sanding the surface creates better adhesion. Contractors will need to check for loose boards, bucking, and gaps. If the wood was stained or sealed, it has to be removed before contractors can apply epoxy. Installers providing epoxy flooring services in Adelaide may suggest you remove the hardwood flooring completely and replace it with concrete. Epoxy best adheres to concrete surfaces.

Concrete Flooring

Epoxy is a creative way to preserve your concrete flooring. It is easy to keep clean and maintain. Unprotected concrete will crack, break, and wear down over time. Concrete also stains. If you have concrete flooring, epoxy is an excellent way to add a clean finish to the floor. Concrete is a porous material. It absorbs spills and water. If you spill water, oil, or liquid on an epoxy finished floor, you can easily wipe it down or mop it away quickly.

Epoxy is slip-resistant and safe. It protects your floors from impact. In your garage or basement, epoxy flooring will protect your floors. You can drive your vehicles on it. The epoxy will protect your floors from tools and heavy machinery. You can work on major construction projects causing no damage to your floor. If you drop a heavy or sharp object, epoxy flooring is durable and sturdy.

Whether you have concrete or hardwood flooring, epoxy can be applied to protect your floors. Epoxy is commonly used in commercial settings because of its durability. It protects your floors from impact. If it can protect commercial flooring from massive amounts of traffic, it can protect your residential flooring for years.

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