Buying guide of choosing a reliable foot pillow

It feels more comfortable with a bit of cushioning between knees at night, finding one that can hold knees in shape on ongoing sleep, especially side sleepers. Improper sleeping positions lead to misalignment of crucial body elements such as hips. It misalignment causes a lot of discomfort. The foot pillow corrects the alignment of hips, knees, and spines and starts feeling better fast. Here are various considerations you need to consider before you buy any foot pillow product:a

  1. Why do you need a legacy leg Pillow?

An individual can fall asleep over his stomach, sometimes in the back. Some nights one can spin in the sheets, trying desperately to find the best sleeping position. When this is the case, I usually rely on my body pillow to cushion between my knees. Sometimes, this style works; other times, before I fall asleep, I wake up again and sweat bullets because I struggle with a hot, sweaty pillow the size of a person.

  1. First impression of legacy leg pillow

The first thing you recognize when pulling the legacy pillow out of the box is its small size. The pillow comes inside a plastic bag with a quilted cover, and this helps with it not having strong odors. It has ventilation holes on the sides, straight through the product. The ventilation holes are going to keep the pillow cool throughout the night. The quilted cover is soft, comfortable, and lightweight, and this is the important surface material that comes in contact with the knee.

  1. The kind of sleeper the legacy leg pillow is designed for?

It is designed to support the legs, hips, and knees of people who sleep on their sides. It does not work for stomach sleepers or back sleepers because of its design the unique shape. Moreover, sleepers who spend any sleeping time would want this pillow to keep their body aligned throughout the night.

  1. How legacy leg pillow works

  • Orthopedic shape

It is shaped in a way it matches the contour of the body. It eliminates unnecessary spacing and gives full support to the knees, hips.

  • Tapered edges

It has a unique tapered shape that provides a remarkable range of movement, particularly comforting for more restless sleepers.

  • Maintaining natural spinal alignment

A foot pillow maintains the natural alignment of the spine and hips, which is the key to preventing unnecessary pain that you may not feel until you wake up.

  1. Is legacy pillow for side sleepers only?

It is designed mainly to help those who side sleepers; there is no reason the pillow cannot be used in several different sleeping positions. Having a reliable pillow around the knees is an absolute must for sleepers who switch positions a lot while sleeping.


It utilizes a simplistic yet advanced design to provide a level of leg and knee support that goes beyond a regular pillow. It even stays on the side as you roll over other sides and provides pleasure while sleeping on. An upgrade to a legacy leg pillow is the night comfort guarantee one requires.

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